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For almost 20 years now, SUNLIGHT has been developing state of the art high quality luminaries for all applications with a confirmed install base in Army, Navy, Air Force, Government and private sectors in Pakistan. We have thrived and have given rise to products, ideas which have become synonymous with our name, learning process and our idea of quality. SUNLIGHT is a leading LED Lighting Company in Pakistan

Sunlight guaranteed with the quality, quantity and lead time upon each purchase order.

We will provide you  technical support.

Our team will inform you in time of the opportunities of any deals that are generated.


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sunlight LED exterior & interior Catalogue

Our Advantages

  • Launch New  LED Products Every Time For Our Clients

  • After Sales Service

  • Guaranteed Delivery Time

About Us


Al- karam International lighting brand, SUNLIGHT has developed out of the box lighting fixtures with the help of our OEM’s for almost all areas of architecture for over two decades.

We have focused on LED street lighting intensively for the past 10 years in Pakistan. We ourselves have established many of the valid criteria which is used as the basis for judging the quality of this group of fixtures.

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